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We’re taking the circus for a walk! Witness our world-renowned furry four-legged cast members perform tail-wagging feats of courage, bone-dropping grand illusions, and Labrador-able stunts! Watch the miracles and mayhem unfold all around you!


All the dogs in our show are trained using positive methods. They are rewarded with treats, praise, and love. They are the family pets of the trainers they are performing with on stage. The bond between the trainers and their pets is evident and that is the real magic of the show! Many of the dogs performing in the show are rescue dogs having come from dire situations.



What if Tony Robbins, Blue Man Group & David Copperfield put on a show together?  You’d get Aaron Matthews, the ultimate showman! Acting as the Canine Circus’s riveting ring leader, you’ll get a mix of gut busting laughter, high energy dancing, impossible miracles and inspiring stories! 


Aaron’s magic has been seen at theme parks, festivals and on the biggest stages across the country; such as Canada’s Wonderland, West Edmonton Mall, Illusionarium Toronto and seen on Disney Channel, ETalk & YTV! 



Jenelle is a dedicated dog trainer who is passionate about performing with her dogs. Her goal is to show the world what is possible when you spend time and effort with your pet; build a relationship, learn new tricks, exercise them, and they will reward you as a loving family pet. She prefers to adopt dogs who are unwanted and give them the second chance they deserve. Jenelle currently has 5 performing dogs, 3 of which are World Champion Disc Dogs! She brings creative energy and tricks to put on an amazingly unique show!

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